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2006-2007 Graduate Catalog 
2006-2007 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Management

As a student in the School of Management, you will develop a strong foundation of professional knowledge, critical awareness, and creative thinking to help you to achieve success in your chosen field.

The School of Management offers students many ways to grow and learn:

  • Scholarly Diversity: Our undergraduate degree programs offer majors in Accounting, Business Administration, Business Education, Economics, and Information Technology. In addition, we offer a Master of Science degree in Management and a joint B.S./M.S. in Accounting.
  • Teaching Excellence : Our full-time faculty is comprised of highly-respected professionals and scholars, all at the top of their fields.
  • Individual Attention: Small class size leads to big ideas. In a School where the student to professor ratio is 12 to 1 and the average class size is 21, you get personalized, individual attention to focus your program and reach your goals.
  • Off-Campus Learning: Classroom learning meets the workplace, giving you real-life experience to take with you as you enter your chosen profession. We have many alliances and internship opportunites with organizations in the greater Rochester area.

Nazareth College’s School of Management offers all these, and more. Become a student of the School and let us help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.


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