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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Community Youth Development Major with Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Community Youth Development rigorously prepares students to provide trauma-informed, culturally-responsive and whole-child-focused services to children and youth and/or to enter graduate studies in a comparable field. The program fosters high quality “on the spot” and “in the moment” critical thinking that demonstrates a deep appreciation of the risk and protective factors which impact the social, psychological, cognitive, and spiritual lives of young people. A hallmark of the CYD program is the importance of mindfulness and reflection of the practitioner. 

Students seeking initial certification at the early childhood and childhood levels may double major in Community Youth Development and Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education. Students in this double major are required to have a minimum overall GPA of 2.7 before moving into INCH coursework which typically begins fall semester of the junior year.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • ​Increase the CYD graduates’ sense of confidence, competency, competitiveness, and credentialed status for employment, professional advancement, and graduate studies in professions that serve children and youth. 
  • Enrich students’ ability to integrate knowledge gained from their liberal arts and sciences education with an application to their pre-professional experiences. 
  • Facilitate students’ ability to bridge theory with practice through active participation in community-engaged learning with youth and their adult advisors. 
  • Develop students’ trauma-informed competencies to interact with child and youth from a whole child approach that respects the  resiliencies, strengths, and leadership capabilities of children and youth. 
  • Guide students in the enhancement of  their introspection and reflective skills as they explore personal values, ethics, and subjective understandings related to service delivery with children and youth from diverse backgrounds.  
  • Increase students’ knowledge and skills to plan, implement and evaluate age-appropriate, culturally relevant and youth centered programs.

Core Curriculum Requirements

All Nazareth students complete Core Curriculum coursework as part of their degree requirements. The Core provides a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences while guiding students to pose and explore their own intellectual questions. See Academic Policies and Procedures  for specific core curriculum requirements. 

CYD Internship Requirement

Students must complete both the CYD and Inclusive Education internship requirements listed below:

CYD - Additional Required Courses

CYD Foreign Languages Requirement

Completion of two semesters of a foreign language is required for a Bachelor of Arts in Community Youth Development combined with Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education.

Required Courses for Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education Majors

Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education Major Requirements

Sample Program

Fall Term Spring Term
ENGW 101 Exposition      3 ENGW 102 Argument and Research   3
ACS 101 Academic and College Success   1 PEQ in Science plus lab (PEQ-3) 4
CYD 201 Youth Development in Community Settings   3 Foreign Language plus lab 4
Foreign Language plus lab 4 PEQ (4) 3
SOC.Q 101 Introduction to Sociology  or PSY.Q 110 Introduction to Psychological Science  (PEQ-1) 3 PEQ (5) 3
FYS course (PEQ-2) 3 Health & Wellness 0
Fall Term Spring Term
Youth and Culture Concentration Courses #1 and #2 6 CYD 301 Guidance and Engagement Techniques with Youth: Real Strategies   3
PSY 221 Development I: Infancy and Childhood  or PSY 224 Adolescence and Early Adulthood  or SWK 305 Theory and Human Development   3 SPF 204 History and Philosophy of Education   3
CYD 303 Plan, Implement and Evaluate Youth Services   3 Youth and Culture Concentration Course #3 3
PEQ (6) 3 PEQ (7) 3
    CYD 401 Trauma-Informed Youth Development: Historical and Cultural Impacts   3
Fall Term Spring Term
INCH 310 Differentiated Planning and Assessment For Diverse Learners    3 INCH 380 Construction of Meaning in Mathematics And Science    3
INCH 320 Emergent Literacy and Language Development   3 INCH 390 Literacy, Language Arts, and Social Studies   3
EDU 475 Health Education, Child Abuse, and Violence Prevention Workshop   0 EDU 485 Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Discrimination in Schools: Prevention and Intervention (DASA Training)   0
CYD 483 Community-Based Youth Development Internship I   1.5 CYD 480 Community-Based Youth Development Capstone     3
Integrative Studies course (1 - liberal arts) 3 CYD 483 Community-Based Youth Development Internship I   1.5
Integrative Studies course (2 - liberal arts) 3 DEIB/Integrative Studies course (3 - liberal arts) 3
PEQ (8) 3 Liberal Arts Elective 3
    CME 050 Core Milestone Experience   0
    CYD 499 Community Youth Development Integrative Portfolio   0
TOTAL 16.5 TOTAL 16.5
(Summer Tuition Required)
INCH 410 Diversity and Inclusion for Inclusive Early Childhood and Childhood Classrooms    3 INCH 411 Field Work and Practicum in Inclusive Education Settings   3
Fall Term Spring Term
INCH 425 Designing and Implementing Positive Learning Communities      3 INCH 490 Current Issues in Inclusive Education   3
INCH 435 Assessment for Learning   3 INCH 499 Inclusive Education Portfolio Presentation   0
INCH 470 Reflective Seminar on Teaching, Collaboration and Building Collaborative Partnerships   3

Liberal Arts electives

INCH 480 Student Teaching   6 Liberal Arts elective (math or science)  3


  • Students in Bachelor of Arts degree programs must complete 90 credits of liberal arts coursework.
  • Students in the Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education major must complete 10 credits of math and science coursework.
  • Students may use a major course to fulfill one Integrative Studies (IS) course requirement.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.7 is required before moving into INCH coursework (fall semester, third year).