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    Nazareth College Catalogs
  Feb 18, 2018
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication and Rhetoric - Major


Communication and Rhetoric prepares students to become versatile communicators in spoken, written, and visual forms. Building on the College’s liberal arts core, and housed within the English department, the Communication and Rhetoric major produces proactive learners who are efficient and effective problem-solvers, proficient in the analysis of their own and others’ visual and graphic communication in both print and digital media. Graduates are well-positioned for a variety of careers, not only in typical Communication-related fields such as journalism, media, advertising, and public relations, but also in the wide range of other fields that require excellent reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. In addition to classroom instruction, all students receive direct pre-professional training in the form of internships and seminar projects conducted in consultation with local businesses and communication professionals.

Student Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to:
1. Critique. Demonstrate the ability to perform a theoretically grounded critical evaluation of communication practices and situations in support of a cohesive argument.
2. Research. Collect, analyze, and present a variety of print and electronic sources.
3. Vocabulary: Demonstrate thorough understanding and effective command of key communication terms and theories.
4. Argument: Construct a thoughtful and persuasive written and oral argument.
5. Praxis: Create an aesthetically pleasing or persuasive text that demonstrates an understanding of communication and rhetorical theories.


Communication and Rhetoric Major Requirements

All Communication and Rhetoric Majors are required to take the following:

(24 Credits)

*For students combining the Communication and Rhetoric major with teacher certification, their student teaching will count as their internship, although they may choose to do a separate internship.

Communication and Rhetoric Praxis Strand

Communication and Rhetoric Praxis - Choose one strand from the following  (6 Credits):

**If the schedule permits, a student seeking Teacher Certification may choose one praxis strand.

Communication and Rhetoric Major Senior Experience

The Communication and Rhetoric Senior Experience allows students to design and present a project/portfolio of work that bridges the academic and professional worlds.  Students are expected to design a project that will apply what they have learned over the course of their study.  The Senior Seminar class will provide a community in which to work on this project.  Projects will be presented at the end of the semester in a public forum. 

Sample Program for Communication and Rhetoric Major

Freshman Year

  • Perspectives - Enduring Questions (PEQ) Math and Science with Lab Credits: 7
  • Perspectives - Enduring Questions (PEQ) Credits: 9
  • Foreign Language (in the same language) Credits: 3
  • Foreign Language (in the same language) Credits: 3
  • Health and Wellness Credits: 0

As well as:

Sophomore Year

  • Perspectives - Enduring Questions (PEQ) Credits: 6
  • Integrative Studies (IS) Credits: 6
  • Experiential Learning Pathway (EL) Credits: 0

As well as:

Junior Year

  • Integrative Studies (IS) Credits: 3
  • Core Milestone Experience (CME) Credits: 0
  • Communication Electives Credits: 6
  • Liberal Arts Electives  Credits: 12

As well as:

Senior Year

  • Communication Electives Credits: 6
  • Electives Credits: 21

As well as: