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2005-2006 Undergraduate Catalog 
2005-2006 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology Major with Inclusive Education

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Science education in the elementary schools has been the focus of increased national and state attention over the past few years.  With a degree in biology, students will have a competitive edge in progressive elementary schools wishing to insure quality science instruction.  The Biology Inclusive Education certification program requires six courses, all with laboratory. A full year of inorganic chemistry is also required.  To complete the college requirement for a senior experience and comprehensive examination, students in this program attend the spring semester of senior seminar and take the comprehensive examination in biology.

Biology Core

The Biology core provides the foundation for all of our programs. Students take the courses listed below, as well as additional biology electives. The Senior Experience prepares the students for their exit examination and subsequent post-undergraduate career plans.

Additional Courses Required for Biology Majors with Inclusive Education

In addition to the Biology core, students in the Biology major are required to take the 14 credit hours listed below.

Chemistry Requirements

Mathematics Requirement

Physical Science Requirements

Choose one of the following:

Elective Courses for Biology Majors with Inclusive Education

For Biology Majors pursuing initial teacher certification, students select one organismal elective and one general  biology elective from those listed below.

Note: All courses must be taken with the laboratory whenever a laboratory is offered.

Biology Electives

Students must take one course from this list in addition to the organismal elective:

Organismal Electives

Students select one elective from this list:

Required Courses for Inclusive Education

The following courses are required for Quad Inclusive Education certification. The Quad Inclusive program includes: Childhood Education (Grades 1-6), Childhood with Disabilities (Grades 1-6), Middle Childhood (Grades 5-9), and Middle Childhood with Disabilities (Grades (5-9).

Senior Experience for Biology Majors with Inclusive Education

Students in the Inclusive Education teaching certification program begin their senior experience by student teaching in the fall of their senior year. During this time, they develop a proposal for a special project under the guidance of their advisors in biology and in education. In the spring semester, the students deliver an oral presentation to their peers in the Senior Seminar as well as submit an extensive research paper for evaluation. The Biology Comprehensive requirement typically is satisfied by the student completing the Major Field Test in Biology.

Sample Program for Biology Major with Inclusive Education

Senior Year

  • Physical Science Credits: 3
  • Perspectives II Credits: 3
  • Liberal Arts Electives Credits: 3
As well as:

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