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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Chairperson: Kelly Hutchinson-Anderson, Ph.D; Professors: Temple O. Carm, Ph.D., Zamule, Ph.D.; Assistant Professors: Gonzalez, Ph.D., McCartney, Ph.D., and Vonica, M.D. Ph.D.; Adjuncts: Alam, Ph.D., Alcena, Ph.D., Amico, M.S., Bhattacharya, M.S., Cappon, M.S., Dodge, D.C., Doyle, D.C., Greene, D.P.T., Hagen, D.P.T., Lou, M.D., Lutz, M.S., Mack, D.C., Ohira, Ph.D., Oteme, Ph.D., Strack, D.P.T.; Laboratory Coordinators: D’Eredita, B.S., Danish, Ph.D., Opett, M.S., Shebert, M.S.

Biology is a multidimensional field of study with a variety of career opportunities. The activities of a biologist range from studying living cells and organisms in the laboratory to collecting information on populations of animals, plants, or microorganisms in the field. Nazareth biology graduates have continued their education in graduate school, medical school, veterinary school, dental school, or other health care programs, or have immediately begun careers in science teaching, laboratory research, or industry.

The biology department offers courses and contact with working biologists to assist students in their quest for knowledge and understanding of the principles of the basic fields within biology as well as current theories and discoveries. Its laboratories are equipped with an outstanding collection of modern technology.

Two major themes pervade the department’s educational philosophy. One is that biology is an active search for understanding that involves accurate observation, measurement, and analysis. A second theme is educating students who can think for themselves and become biologists who can eventually take responsibility for their learning and make wise decisions. As students progress through the major, learning becomes less structured as one learns to use and apply knowledge. Majors are encouraged to pursue research opportunities with our faculty to become involved in a complete biological investigation.

Research OpportunitiesThe Biology Department offers two credit-bearing research courses for students in all four of our programs to become involved in biological research during the academic year.  There are also additional opportunities for summer research.

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