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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Admission to Graduate Study
Application Procedures
Deadlines for Admission/Application Materials
Classification of Students
International Students  

Admission to Graduate Study

Graduate programs are open to full- and/or part-time students who fulfill the admission requirements as stated for each program. Admission to degree programs is highly competitive and all qualified persons may not be accepted. Required admission materials and entry requirements are listed for each graduate program under the individual program description. Refer also to the Nazareth website for complete information.

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Application Procedures

Students may apply for a graduate program online at http://grad.naz.edu/admissions/apply.  The Admissions Committees review only completed admissions files following the admission deadline. (Please refer to the Graduate Admissions website for deadlines for application materials.) Note:  Applicants to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program are required to apply online at www.ptcas.org, and applicants to the Master of Social Work program apply at www.brockport.edu/grmsw.

An admission decision will be communicated to the applicant by official letter from the Director of Graduate Admissions. An enrollment deposit is required for applicants admitted to a graduate program with the intent to enroll. The deposit is applied to the first semester’s tuition, and is non-refundable.

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Deadlines for Admission/Application Materials

 Master of Science in Education degree programs

• Art Education (Fall is preferred start term)
• Educational Technology Specialist - hybrid and traditional formats available
• Inclusive Education Programs: Early Childhood, Childhood, Adolescence
• Literacy Specialist Programs
• Music Education, Professional Program (Fall is preferred start term)
• Music Education, Extended Program (Fall only start term for extended program)
• Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
• Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages-Certification Program (TESOL)

MSED Admission Terms/Deadlines
• Summer Term: March 1 (NOTE: Inclusive Education Initial Certification Programs- Early Childhood, Childhood and Adolescence- are NOT eligible for a summer start; all other programs are eligible for summer start)
• Fall Semester: April 1
• Spring Semester: October 1
Applications received after the stated deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

Master of Science Admission Terms/Deadlines
• Art Therapy Specialization: Fall semester only- January 15
• Music Therapy Specialization: Fall semester- April 1; Spring semester applications are considered on a case-by-case basis- October 1
• Higher Education Student Affairs Administration: Fall semester only- February 1
• Human Resource Development: Rolling Admission any term
       HRD On-line Program: Fall admission
• Human Resource Management: Rolling Admission any term
      HRM On-line Program: Fall admission
• Integrated Marketing Communications: Rolling Admission, any term; summer entry into program by permission of program advisor only
• Management: Rolling Admission any term
• Speech Language Pathology: Fall semester- February 1; Spring semester-October 1

Master of Arts Admission Terms/Deadlines
• American Studies: Rolling Admission any term

Master of Social Work Admission Terms/Deadlines
• Social Work
   - Advanced Standing Admission, Summer term-January 15
   - Regular Admission, Fall semester-March 15

Doctor of Physical Therapy Admission Terms/Deadlines
• Summer only (note: students accepted for admission begin coursework in May)
   - Deadline: November 1

Non-Degree Programs for teacher education extensions and annotations
Admission is by departmental approval. Please contact the School of Education for further information.

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Classification of Students

Fully accepted - Students who have been accepted as candidates for a master’s degree or the Doctor of Physical Therapy and are eligible to register in graduate level course work as indicated in the official letter of acceptance.

Provisionally accepted - Students who have made application to a master’s or the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program, and give promise of the ability to achieve fully accepted graduate status. However, they have not met all minimum standards for full acceptance, and are now eligible for a maximum of 12 graduate credit hours. By the completion of 12 graduate credit hours or 1 year, the provisions for full acceptance must be met in order to enroll. Students who must show proof of teacher certification or proof of completion of a bachelor’s degree must do so by November 1 (for fall admission), March 15 (for spring admission) or August 15 (for summer admisison). Provision(s) information is detailed with the official letter of acceptance.

Conditionally accepted - Students who have made application to a master’s or the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program, and give promise to achieve fully accepted graduate status. However, for example, they have not met all prerequisite course work or have another condition that must be met for full acceptance, they will become eligible for graduate course registration upon successful completion of prerequisite coursework or stated condition. Information regarding condition(s) of acceptance is detailed with the official letter of acceptance.

Matriculated and Non-matriculated status - Refers to both the admission and registration processes. A matriculated graduate student is one who has: (1) completed the formal application process, (2) received a formal letter from the Director of Graduate Admissions regarding the specific type of admission extended to him/her, and (3) enrolled in graduate level courses. Prospective students not matriculated into a graduate program may request enrollment in no more than six graduate credit hours if they have completed a bachelor’s degree. Non-matriculated option limited to selected programs and is contingent upon approval from the designated college official.

Professional Educator status - In circumstances whereby a student has completed a master’s degree, or a program of study deemed appropriate by a Program Director, and seeks to register for a graduate level course for professional endeavors, the student may seek approval for status of Professional Educator. This status will allow the student to register for a course without formal acceptance into a program. The approval form may be obtained on the School of Education’s website or by contacting Patricia Huntington at phuntin6@naz.edu

Full-time Students - The semester course load for a full-time graduate student is a minimum of 9 credit hours of graduate level course work. Employment should be limited.

Half-time Students - The semester course load for a half-time graduate student is 6-8 graduate level credit hours.

Less than Half-time Students - The semester course load for this status is less than 6 credit hours of graduate level work.

Auditors - Students wishing to audit courses for which no graduate credits are claimed. Auditors must hold a master’s degree from an accredited college or university. Registration is on a space available basis and with the permission of the Program Director.

Veterans - Veterans who may be eligible for educational benefits should consult the Office of Veterans’ Affairs (585-389-5017; email vets@naz.edu) and the Office of Financial Aid. Recipients of veteran benefits must report change of status, interrupted attendance, or termination of study to the Registrar.

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International Students - (utilize the regular application form, however, additional admission requirements are described below)

The following information is in regard to admission requirements, admission deadlines, financial aid, requirements for “F” student visa, and health insurance. For additional information visit www.naz.edu or www.naz.edu/dept/cie.

Additional Admission Requirements for International Students

  • Bachelor’s Degree (U.S. equivalent): Applicants seeking admission to a master’s level program must possess a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent in US terms), with adequate preparation, from a recognized institute of higher education. Evaluation by World Evaluation Services (WES): Applicants from foreign educational institutions are required to send official copies of transcripts with certified English translation to the World Education Services for evaluation. WES will send copies of completed evaluations to the applicant and to Nazareth College. To contact WES call 1-800-977-8263 or (212) 966-6377 between 9am and 5 pm Eastern or go to www.wes.org.
  • English Language Proficiency: Applicants whose native language is not English applying from a foreign educational institution are required to prove English proficiency by one of the following methods:
    • 550 on the paper-based test “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL); or
    • 79 on the Internet-based TOEFL (a minimum of 22 on the speaking portion is required); or
    • 6.5 on the English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Please note that minimum scores may vary by program. Results of the test must be forwarded directly to Nazareth College. NOTE: (1) Applicants with lower English proficiency may be admitted on a conditional basis by enrolling in Nazareth’s English Language Institute (ELI) for an intensive English program. (2) Applicants without formal English language proficiency scores may be admitted conditionally. For more information:

  • NOTE: Official documents in languages other than English must include certified English translation.
  • Applicants must demonstrate sufficient financial support by sending the following required documents: (1) bank affidavit certifying available assets. The students must demonstrate a level of support not only for actual tuition and room and board, but also for living expenses, pocket money, books, etc.; (2) completion of a Declaration of Finances form is required. Go to admissions.naz.edu/apply/documents/declaration-of-finances-form/view to download and print the form.

Application Deadlines for International Students
All applications for international student admissions are due February 1 for the fall term, and are reviewed as soon as they are received. Applicants are notified of the admission decision within four weeks after receipt of a complete application packet. All items listed above in addition to the general application must be received by Nazareth College to be eligible for admission review.

Graduate Assistantships for International Students
Graduate assistantships are limited and awarded on a highly competitive basis.

Costs for International Students
For information on tuition and fees see the follow:


Requirements for “F” Student Visa
When applicants have met all admission requirements, Nazareth College will prepare and forward an official letter of acceptance and one copy of Certificate of Eligibility, Form I-20. This copy of the I-20 should be taken to the nearest American Consul for the purpose of securing a Non-Immigrant “F” Student Visa.

Health Insurance for International Students
All international applicants are required to possess a valid health insurance policy from a US-based insurance company. All admitted students will be required to submit a full health history, including proof of measles, mumps, and rubella immunizations before registering for their first semester.

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