Feb 28, 2021  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Musical Theatre - Major (BFA)

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The BFA in Musical Theatre is a degree program which leverages the integration of music, theatre, and dance to prepare students for a life in the arts. Structured and guided by theatre professionals and a core of dedicated tenured faculty, adjunct faculty and visiting artists, the program demands rigor in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Freshmen and sophomores are immersed in extensive core curriculum classes including weekly private voice lessons, dance techniques, intensive acting classes, musical theatre performance, music theory, keyboard skills, and vocal ensemble. Juniors and seniors take weekly private voice lessons, focused studios in dance styles and performance, advanced acting courses, musical theatre performance, audition and business classes, as well as electives in the field of study. Students also participate in technical theatre, stage management, production management, front of house, and theatre administrative duties. The intention of each course in the major is to help each student become a well-rounded performer necessary to be successful in this highly competitive field.

As part of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre pre-professional degree, students are required to complete a yearly jury at the end of each spring semester. This process is to evaluate students’ academic performance and progression in the program. Students must keep a minimum GPA of 3.0 within the major in order to continue in the program.

  • In the summer after junior year, students are required to participate in an internship to help facilitate the transition to the profession.
  • All students are eligible to participate in the Senior Showcase on campus and in New York City through an audition process.
  • All BFA Musical Theatre students must audition for the musicals and accept the assigned role.

Core Curriculum Requirements

All Nazareth students complete Core Curriculum coursework as part of their degree requirements. The Core provides a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences while guiding students to pose and explore their own intellectual questions. See Academic Policies and Procedures  for specific core curriculum requirements. 

Required Courses


Students take all of the acting courses listed below.


Students take 12 credits of Dance:

Sample Program for Musical Theatre Major

Freshman Year

  • MTHA*1A Voice Lessons Credits: 2
  • FYS course taken with ACS*101 Credits: 3 (THA.F 120 recommended)
  • Health/Wellness Credits: 0

As well as:

Sophomore Year

  • Perspectives Enduring Question (P-EQ) course Credits: 6
  • THL Production Lab Credits: 2
  • MTHA*1A Voice Lessons Credits: 2
  • Experiential Learning (EL) Pathway
  • Ballet Technique Movement Lab Credits: 1-3

As well as:

Junior Year

  • THL Production Lab Credits: 2
  • MTHA*1A Voice Lesson Credits: 2
  • MUS XXX Music History Elective
  • 4 Perspectives - Enduring Questions (P-EQ) courses Credits: 12 
  • Tap Technique Credits: 2
  • Ballet Technique Credits: 1-3

As well as:

Summer Between Junior and Senior Year

THA 483 - Internship in Theatre  - In the summer after their junior year, all students are required to participate in an internship to help facilitate the transition to the profession. Internship fulfills the Experiential Learning (EL) Pathway. 

Senior Year

  • Acting Electve Credits: 3
  • THL Production Lab Credits: 2
  • Upper Division THA Elective Credits: 3
  • MTHA*1A Voice Lesson Credits: 2
  • Science Perspectives - Enduring Questions (P-EQ) Credits: 4
  • Integrative Studies (IS) course Credits: 9
  • Core Milestone Experience (CME)  Credits: 0
  • Dance Movement Elective Credits: 1-3

As well as:

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