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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Peace and Justice - Major

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The goal of this major is to explore and evaluate various conceptualizations of peace and justice through rigorous academic study and reflection on experience in community service. This interdisciplinary program examines the ways in which human beings resolve conflicts and work toward justice. A central question is whether peace and justice are ends that can be achieved through violence, or are means as well as ends. The program considers various approaches to resolving conflict and achieving peace and justice, from the interpersonal to the international.

The program introduces students to the basic concepts and principles of peace and justice and requires them to apply those principles to a particular area of concentration. Core courses in philosophy, political science, and religious studies allow students to study the basic principles of peace and justice, ethical theory and practice, social and political justice, liberation thought, and conflict resolution. Students must complete a two-semester community service internship, using what they are learning in their other courses to reflect on the significance of the service work they are doing. A senior seminar on nonviolence serves as the capstone course. In this seminar, students write a thesis that addresses some issues related to their concentration in the context of what they have learned in the major.

Core Curriculum Requirements

All Nazareth students complete Core Curriculum coursework as part of their degree requirements. The Core provides a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences while guiding students to pose and explore their own intellectual questions. See Academic Policies and Procedures  for specific core curriculum requirements. 

Core Courses


The remaining three courses for the PAJ major are electives within a particular area of concentration.  Together with an advisor, students will choose from the following concentrations:

Peace and Justice Senior Experience

The senior experience consists of a senior seminar (PAJ 444) which employs the theme of nonviolence to reflect on peace and justice and the field’s relationship to the liberal arts core and a senior comprehensive (PAJ 499).

Peace and Justice Sample Program

Freshman Year

  • Modern Foreign Languages  Credits: 6
  • Perspectives - Enduring Questions (P-EQ) Credits: 6
  • Math and Science Perspectives - Enduring Questions (P-EQ) Credits: 7
  • Health/Wellness Credits: 0

As well as:

Sophomore Year

  • Perspectives - Enduring Questions (P-EQ) Credits: 9
  • Integrative Studies (IS) Credits: 3
  • Experiential Learning (EL) Pathway
  • PAJ Concentration course  Credits: 3
  • Liberal Arts Elective  Credits:6

And one of the following three:

Junior Year

  • Integrative Studies (IS)  Credits: 6
  • Core Milestone Experience (CME)  Credits: 0
  • Liberal Arts Elective Credits: 3
  • Electives Credits: 6

As well as:

Senior Year

  • Liberal Arts Elective Credits: 3
  • Electives Credits: 18
  • Peace and Justice Concentration Courses Credits: 6

As well as:

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