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  Jul 20, 2017
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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Technology - Major


The mission of the information technology major is to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of how to design and integrate information technology solutions to the business needs facing the modern organization. This program supplies the student with the necessary business and technology skills while building critical decision-making, teamwork, and leadership skills to gain an entry-level position that could lead to a career as a leader in our knowledge-based global industry.

Completion of the information technology program allows students to:

•Gain a foundation of computer and information systems knowledge and skills needed to be successful in a modern business environment.
•Understand how to develop technological solutions that are technically, operationally, and ethically sound.
•Acquire sufficient knowledge of business and management to understand general business processes and functions, and the effect of technology upon them.
•Understand the implications and influences of economics, ethics, and globalization on business processes and functions.
•Gain an understanding of the key role technology plays in both tactical and strategic business planning.
•Develop skills in the areas of oral and written communication, critical thinking, analysis, and teamwork.
•Understand the importance of life-long learning.

Information Technology Senior Experience

Information Technology Sample Program

Freshman Year

  • Perspectives I Credits: 6
  • Perspectives I Science and Laboratory Credits: 4

As well as:

Senior Year

  • Electives Credits: 21

As well as: