Jun 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English and Communication

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Chairperson: Foran, Ph.D. Professors: Foran, Ph.D, Madigan, Ph.D., Mitchell, Ph.D., Viera, Ph.D., and Wiltse, Ph.D.; Associate Professor: Islam, Ph.D.; Assistant Professors: Billinson, Ph.D., Gentile, Ph.D. and Gomez Parga, Ph.D.; Lecturer: Nilsson, M.A.; Adjuncts: Anselmo, Ph.D., Bell, B.A., Bronson, M.A., Capossere, M.A., Dabkowski, M.A., Densieski, M.F.A., Gamet, M.A., Majsak, M.A., Marshall, M.A., Martino, M.A.,  Naparsteck, M.A., O’Donnell, M.A., Pritchard, M.S., and Wessels, M.F.A.; Director of Communication and Media: Gomez Parga, Ph.D.; Director of College Writing: Gentile, Ph.D.

The English and Communication Department prepares students with a broad understanding of the power of literature and rhetoric, and of the communication strategies employed at different historical moments and across a variety of media and cultural forms. English majors are educated in the history of English literature and in contemporary techniques of literary, rhetorical, and cultural analysis, as they pursue in-depth study of British, American, and global literatures in English. Students electing the Communication and Media major learn both the theory and practice of human communication, and develop skills in one of three professional tracks. Students in both majors have the option to pursue New York State teacher certification and our English education program provides excellent training in conjunction with the curriculum of the School of Education.

English program graduates commonly go on to successful careers in law, business, library science, publishing – anywhere that strong skills in oral and written communication, critical thinking and analysis, and problem solving and research are valued.  Graduates of the Communication and Media program use their training in digital media and graphic design, and their extensive fieldwork and project management experience, to pursue careers in advertising, public relations, and editing and publishing, among other fields.

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