Jun 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Chairperson: Stephen Tajc, Ph.D.; Professors: Hutchinson-Anderson, Ph.D., Lammela, Ph.D., Tajc, Ph.D.; Associate Professors: Lampa-Pastirk, Ph.D., Schoell, Ph.D. and Newby, Ph.D.; Assistant Professors: Brooks, Ph.D. and Stachowski, Ph.D.;  Lecturer: Ardon Munoz, Ph.D.; Adjuncts: Amico, M.S., Baker, M.S., Burns, M.S., Doyle, D.C., and Schallhorn, Ph.D.

A study of chemistry prepares students for numerous career opportunities in modern society; not just as a research scientist, but also as a solver of real world problems. Developing new drugs, solving crimes, inventing new materials for a space-age application, or understanding the chemistry of life are all potential areas that need chemists.

There is also a need for well-trained teachers who can not only convey the material of a subject but can excite students to investigate deeper into a problem in order to find a solution. Although a variety of choices exist for  students in designing their career path, all the programs offered through the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry include coursework and practical laboratory training that prepare the student for graduate study, industrial careers, and research, as well as for professional programs in medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry. Students may also complete internships with local companies or summer research programs at local and national research centers. In addition, students receive training in safety, hands-on use of modern instrumentation, and develop skills in communicating scientific information in both oral and written formats. The department offers a chemistry major approved by the American Chemical Society, a biochemistry major approved by the American Chemical Society, and a chemistry major combined with New York State certification in either adolescence education (grades 7-12) or Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education. The chemistry major option affords students the flexibility to combine their major with a minor in pre-med, biology, mathematics, or even business to enhance their marketability in a 21st-century workplace.

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