May 21, 2018  
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Musical Theatre - Major (BFA)

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The B.F.A. in Musical Theatre is a pre-professional degree in music, theatre, and dance, with an emphasis on the essential integration of these elements. Our faculty creates an environment where aspiring musical theatre artists can begin a career and where powerful transformational experiences occur.

While we intend to generate young artists who can sing, dance, and act with technical ease and facility, a liberal arts-based education becomes a necessary tool for a performer. Critical, analytical, and independent thinking are essential qualities as they serve as the foundation of creative work. Also, a small class size is crucial so that the individual attention from the faculty can be maintained as well as the monitoring of our students’ growth vocally, physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

At Nazareth, training in musical theatre is not about being famous or becoming a star. It is about learning to work in ways that contribute positively to our art form, collaborating with fellow artists, and fostering a lasting appreciation for, and life in, the performing arts.


Students take all of the acting courses listed below.


Two semesters of chorus required for a total of 1 credit.

Sample Program for Musical Theatre Major

Freshman Year

  • MTHA*1A Voice Lessons Credits: 2
  • FYS course taken with ACS*101 Credits: 3 (THA.F 120 recommended)
  • Health/Wellness Credits: 0

As well as:

Sophomore Year

  • Perspectives Enduring Question (P-EQ) course Credits: 6
  • THL Production Lab Credits: 1
  • MTHA*1A Voice Lessons Credits: 2
  • Experiential Learning (EL) Pathway

As well as:

Junior Year

  • THL Production Lab Credits: 2
  • MTHA*1A Voice Lesson Credits: 2
  • MUS XXX Music History Elective
  • 4 Perspectives - Enduring Questions (P-EQ) courses Credits: 12 

As well as:

Senior Year

  • Acting Electve Credits: 3
  • THL Production Lab Credits: 2
  • Upper Division THA Elective Credits: 3
  • MTHA*1A Voice Lesson Credits: 2
  • Science Perspectives - Enduring Questions (P-EQ) Credits: 4
  • Integrative Studies (IS) course Credits: 9
  • Core Milestone Experience (CME)  Credits: 0

As well as:

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