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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Philosophy Major with Inclusive Childhood Education Major

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The philosophy major consists of a three-credit basic course (PHL 101), PHL 201, PHL 211, three of four historically-oriented philosophy courses (PHL 320 or PHL 325, 330, 340, 350), a Philosophy Honors Seminar (401, 402, 403 or 404), the philosophy comprehensive examination, and four philosophy electives.

Philosophy Core

All Philosophy Majors are to complete the Philosophy Core requirements below:

Required Courses for Inclusive Childhood Education Major

Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education Major Requirements

Inclusive Childhood/Middle Childhood Education Major Requirements


Philosophy Senior Experience

Each Philosophy Major is required to take a Philosophy Honors Seminar, and pass the Philosophy Comprehensive Examination.  The latter consists in writing a substantial philosophical essay (3500 words), the topic of which is selected with departmental advisement, and defending that essay publicly within the final semester of course work.

Sample Program for Philosophy Major with Inclusive Education

Freshman Year

  • Modern Foreign Language Credits: 6
  • Math and Science Perspectives I Credits: 7
  • Other Perspective I Credits: 6
As well as:

Sophomore Year

  • Perspectives I Credits: 9
  • Math or Science Perspectives II Credits: 3
  • Other Perspectives II Credits: 6
As well as:

Senior Year

  • Liberal Arts Elective Credits: 6
  • Philosophy Electives Credits: 6

As well as:

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