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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

American Studies - Major

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Program Director: Cynthia Eisen

The American studies major, leading to a B.A. degree, takes an interdisciplinary approach that gives students an opportunity to concentrate on the development of American civilization as a whole rather than from the perspective of a separate department or discipline. Students choose from courses focusing on the study of American civilization in the areas of History, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences. Additionally, student learning opportunities will include not only how we view and define ourselves as Americans, but also how the world views us and why they do.

American Studies Core

Students are required to take 37 credits in American Studies courses - 19 credits in the major core and 18 elective credits.

American Studies Electives

Students must take 6 elective courses.  Elective courses are drawn from Areas A, B , and C.  At least 2 courses are required from each area as listed below and should be clustered to represent a coherent focus.  This should be done in consultation with the student’s AMS advisor.

Please note that this list of elective courses may change from year to year as departments add or delete courses. Selected Studies/Special Topics courses will be evaluated as offered by departments within the 3 areas of concentration.  In addition, some courses may have pre-requisites.

American Studies Senior Experience

The Senior Experience integrates the methods and materials of the interdisciplinary major. The seminar topic changes from year to year based on the needs and interests of the students. Particular attention is given to social and cultural aspects of the course. In addition senior majors complete a significant research/portfolio project that incorporates ideas from the various areas of study. This examination has both a written part and then an oral discussion of the work

Sample Program for American Studies - Major

Freshman Year

  • Perspectives I Credits: 3
  • Math and Science Perspectives I Credits: 7
  • Modern Foreign Language Credits: 6
As well as:

Sophomore Year

  • Perspectives I Credits: 12
  • Perspectives II Credits: 6
  • Math or Science Perspectives II Credits: 3
  • Electives Credits: 6

As well as:


Junior Year

  • Upper Division Area of Concentration Credits: 6
  • Upper Division American Studies Elective Credits: 3
  • Electives Credits: 15
As well as:

Senior Year

  • Upper Division Area of Concentration Credits: 6
  • Upper Division American Studies Elective Credits: 3
  • Electives Credits: 18
As well as:

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