Jun 18, 2021  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Chairperson: TBA Professors: Carlson, Ph.D., Douthit, D.M.A., Hunter, Ph.D, Roth, Ph.D., D.M.A., and Zeigler, Ph.D.; Associate Professors: Chase, D.M.A., Z. Granat, Ph.D., King, Ph.D., Koster, Ph.D., Martínez, D.M.A., Shiner-McGuire, M.M. and Strelau, M.M.; Assistant Professors: Choi, D.M.A., Ertl, D.M.A., Hannigan-Tabon, D.M.A., Reef, Ph.D., Vazquez, D.M.A.; Associate Clinical Professor: Keough, M.S.Ed.; Assistant Clinical Professor: Reed, M.S. Lecturers: Bacon, D.M.A., Batz, M.M., Carlin, D.M.A., Chang, D.M.A., Chu, M.M., Conquest, M.M., Costello, J.D., Cotroneo, M.M., Evatt, M.M., Farrington, M.M., Fisher, D.M.A., Floriano, M.M., Folan, M.M., Gold, M.A., B. Granat, M.A., Halleran, M.M., Hoffee, B.M., Hult, D.M.A., Hwang, M.M., Kilkeny, M.M., Leenhouts, D.M.A., LaFavor, D.M.A., Libertella Calabrese, M.M., Long, D.M.A., Ma, M.M., Marling, D.M.A., Massicot, M.M.Ed., Maynard-Christensen, D.M.A., McCormick, M.M., Nitsch, D.M.A., Paruta, B.M., Pilato, B.A., Polen, LCAT, Pratt, B.S., Preston, M.M., Rhee, D.M.A., Sanford, M.M., Stein, J.D., Stoner, M.M., Upcraft-Russ, D.M.A., Valverde, M.M., Vardanyan, M.M., Vock, M.M., Valvo, M.M., Willey, LCAT, Wolf, M.M. and Zugelder, M.M.Ed.

Department Mission Statement

Acknowledging the power of music and its importance as a tool of cultural expression, the Nazareth College Department of Music pursues excellence as a community of musicians actively engaged in learning, teaching, therapeutic practice, performance, research, outreach and study within the various domains in the field of music.

Department Vision Statement

Grounded in the importance of music as a traditional liberal art, the Nazareth College Department of Music strives to be a premiere institution for the education and training of graduate and undergraduate music students, as well as a regional and national center for the promotion of the art of music through performance, research educational opportunities, and therapeutic services for persons of all ages and abilities.

Department Objectives

  1. providing graduate and undergraduate degree programs that engage students in the study of music informed by a strong foundation in the liberal arts, and integrating studies in performance, the academic domains of music, and the professions;
  2. fostering solo and ensemble performances that demonstrate the highest standards in artistic excellence;
  3. providing students with a strong foundation and preparation for future study in the field of music;
  4. developing leadership skills in students necessary to advocate for the importance of music in fostering human development and as a means of cultural expression;
  5. offering students from other majors and academic degree programs performance opportunities and academic courses that develop their musical understanding and appreciation for music;
  6. offering the community the opportunity to experience music through private lessons, continuing education opportunities, introductory courses, ensemble participation, live performances, and therapeutic services;
  7. fostering the art of music through the presesntation of performances, recitals, and concert series, lectures, master classes, and competitions;
  8. participating and collaborating in a vital interdisciplinary visual and performing arts environment through the development of inter-arts programming and educational opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students;
  9. collaborating with local, regional, and national organizations and businesses supportive of education in and the performance of music, the practice of music, the practice of music therapy, and the study of music.
  10. Offering students experiential learning and research opportunities that bridge academic study with community involvement and cultural understanding.

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